Moral Quasidilemmas and the Tuvix Problem

In this post I consider the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Tuvix” in the light of my work on moral quasidilemmas. Warning: extremely nerdy post ahead!

10 minute read

The Chidi Anagonye Problem in Machine Ethics

In this blog post, I describe a lesson researchers trying to develop ethical machines can take from Chidi Anagonye, a protagonist of the NBC sitcom “The Good Place”. Spoiler alert for Season 1 of the show!

11 minute read

Moral Toasters and an Internet of Ethical Things

After reading a new paper arguing that the development of morally competent artificial agents isn’t justified, I started thinking about ethical reasoning capabilities for various physical objects, including the mighty toaster.

14 minute read

AI Ethics: Are Asimov's Laws Enough?

When I tell people that my research interests are in AI ethics, they often respond by introducing me to Asimov’s three laws of robotics. This post goes out to them (it’s also the first post of a three-part series that will culminate in explaining my recent paper in the Conference on Decision and Control).

5 minute read